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Yeah, I'm Paige Michalchuk, don't fret cause you're sitting there reading my journal. I decided to get one of these cause I kind of need a new way of getting stuff out. Bitching all the time was the old way, it started to get alittle annoying to those around me, so I've turned to the imfamous Livejournal for guidance.

So hmmm what can I say in this first post? Well I've already stated I'm Paige, and I'm sure you all know about me, so I guess there's not alot I need to say.

I'd like to think I've changed alot over the last year. After getting my job at the theater and becoming friends with Alex and breaking up with Spin I've pretty much became a whole new person. This might sound kind of weird, but Alex has kind of become my best friend and sooo much more I guess you could say. Me and Hazel grew apart and I don't really even talk to all the people I used to talk to. I mean I obviously am still friends with all them, but it's just not the same.

Work sucks like usual and school's boring, but it's my last year and after this it's off to university. I can't wait to get out of the house and be out on my own. I mean mom isn't around much, so I kind of am already on my own, but it'll be nice to have my own place and everything.

Okay, n-e-ways this entry's gotta be cut short. I've got to be at work in 5 minutes and I don't want to be late again. See you all around.

xobeautifulblnde <---AIM, IM me sometime.


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